Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oct 4: The Crawlspace Fortune Teller

Whether some Gypsy, the tea-leaf reader, an over-opiniated aunt, or that semi-employed uncle with a few too many beers under his belt, this encounter is more than just a little unsettling even in the friendliest of situations. This supporting Character thinks they know something that the starring cast doesn't. He is almost always wanting to share an opinion as unsolicited advice. While the optimistic might view premonitions as an edge in a game session, the wise should really just know better. 

If the fortune teller can draw closer to her Mental than the customer can draw to his own NERVE, she has gotten under that protagonist's skin. One doesn't just shake it off when a prognosticator does that. For three Scenes of the following game session, the Character is at a -1 on any Draw. These scenes are not necessarily consequential, though they are not entirely arbitrary.  When a fortune teller is able to read a Character, the GM will draw a card and make note of the suits color-- only the color, nothing else. During play, every scene that comes up, the GM will draw a card, that card is the same color, the Character with his fortune having been read will be unnerved. Good GMs will narrate a flashback to ensure that audience is truly feeling it.

The fortune told is not always a bad thing though. If the Character survives all three Scenes, three Fame cards are awarded. Depending on the session, this can turn things around for the rather cursed Character.


  1. Really cool angle! I don't think I've ever seen fortune tellers portrayed this way in a game.