Saturday, January 24, 2015

A World a Week: The New India Seas

The New India Seas was a campaign that lasted for almost a year in '01. My neighbor and his his friends were still smitten with me as a GM, but wanted something different than fantasy or "retro sci-fi." It was, for lack of a better term, so I'll use my own, a "Powder Punk" campaign. It started out as a pirate campaign set around 1670.  Well, elements of the Scarlet Pimpernel and more than three musketeers worked their way into things.  I was using a T&T variation of mine called "Moonlight, Muskets, and Magic" written back in 1986.

I must've drawn this one up after the campaign was over.

The games started, as you'd guess, in the New Indian Seas, my take on the Caribbean, with a whole lot more population than was in the region in the later 17th Century. It soon washed over into the American Carolinas and the western shores of Ireland. Muskets gave way to revolvers about a century and a half too early, as things went Spaghetti Western, in a region called El Norte (Texas-Tamaulipas). When the Characters were hired by the Dutch Federal External Affairs Guild to save William Penn and Claude Duval in London, those revolvers knocked the red coats for a loop.

Things petered out when the Characters were set to start a Pirate Round series of adventures. I so had some surprises in store for the crew of the Sekund Fiddle around Madagascar.

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