Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wobble: Glam World

This world is Sirius 17 in the Pi Verse. Originally, a prison colony for the Greatest Empire, this world's population adapted to its environment and then overcame it. The residents became the masters of quantum-photo mechanics as well as just plain old survival. Even before the rebellions that shook the outer colonies of the Empire became the Revolt, Glam World was on the path of revolution.

One of the original Glam Pirates of Sirius

At first the residents started pirating the less protected ships coming into their star system. Then the residents decided that they weren't a penal colony, but a hot-spot for colonization from the home-worlds. The biosphere make-overs were very successful at attracting free-thinkers, the unorthodox, and the idealistic, as well as dissidents of the Empire.  As the pirate crime-lords were on their third generation of clone clans, Glam World was a beacon of iconoclasm to the rest of known space.

While the rest of this universe looks like a steampunk adventure setting, Glam World looks, well, very glam. The basic outfit is a spandex-like leotard, that is designed to reflect extreme levels of light and heat. Most residents shave their heads, to accommodate wig-like helm apparatus that acts as a communications antennae and psychic-energy amplifiers. The machines that are engineered in this system are made by makers that take great pride at them  being designed to not look mechanical. More often than not, the items resemble crystals. 

The average Wobbler should be careful in underestimating the theatrical trappings of the average traveler from Glam World.  Since the start of the Revolution, Glam World is one of the major players in the war. It has taken to Wobbling more so than the other rebelling nations, and has proven itself as capable as the Greatest Empire at it. Its trans-dimensional special forces, the Glitter, have thwarted many schemes of the Empire's infamous Copernicus Corps. They are known to have a few schemes of their own.


  1. Is this for Encounter Critical or something even more fucked up?

    1. I never heard of Encounter Critical. "Wobble" is _my_ transdimensional setting for a couple of friends, including the wife's, game systems.There's a fine line between art and camp, and I don't mind crossing it...often.