Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wobble: Payphones, Part 2

I am up to 196 payphones between Norwalk, Ohio in the west to Connaught, Ohio in the east and as far south as Ashland, Ohio. Only twelve are working. I wonder if I should start adding if the device is intact or not in this unofficial study in a little note booklet carried in my shirt pocket. A little late for that because I am not going to retrace my steps to recheck the earlier finds unless I am work, but we'll see. Still no one is taking the payphones away, functional or vandalized.

Wobble kernel: No one is taking the payphones away. Laziness or a reason that isn't obvious? Emergency preparedness or something insidious? 

Interesting to me, but what to make it "gamer interesting?"


  1. I have always thought something similar about power sub-stations - fenced in electrical thingies with barbed wire and signs about danger:electricity. They always have a little metal building with a door that is seemingly padlocked....

    1. Those I've got the answer to, I've been in a couple for a class back in the 90s.