Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wobble: The Alot

Dwellers of a small moon of where the gas-giant Jupiter would be in our own universe, in the Psi Verse, the Alot are the culmination of a group of species, and those species' racial subsets, blending into one. In the magical-strewn milieu that is this universe's trademark, the Elves, humans, Dwarves, Orks, and various "half-breeds" all came together to form the Alot.

The Alot are hatched from very large eggs that must be placed with their heads upside-down to come to full fruition. These "ass-upward" pods are tended by Midwive-Magi, or Maguses/Magusesses (most are female), as they are called there. These "Creatures" sing incantations that not only mix various metaphors and literary allusions, but also confuse the meaning of race and species. These songs, are sung in a Cant, that cannot be read by the casual observer because of its confusion as to what words should be capitalized and which should not. 

When the Alots are first hatched, usually when the gas-giant that blazes upon their home planetoid has half-baked the fertilized eggs, they are something of monstrous beings. Large, furry, and clumsy things that stumble around knocking careful constructs over and in general being too cute to correct. But they often fall prey to the keen-eyed, sharp-tongued predators known as the Wise-Owls of Uranus. As the beings mature, their genes become more defined and resemble particular ancestors, turning into elves, humans, dwarves, and orks.

There are plenty of hybrids types among these individuals. Even some of the player-character Wobblers from Mu will have the Alots of Blood clan in their veins, though they won't like to admit it.  Most display amazing psychic abilities, which are known as "psionics" on the small moon, still leaving a blank look on the face of the usual listener not from there. It is for this reason why Alots make Wobble sessions so great.

The governing body of the Alot are the Alot of Years. This group all have the word "alotof" added either at the front of their most popular nickname. The most wise is known as Alotof-Brains. The most beautiful and maternal is known as Alotof-Woman. Most Wobblers will encounter the exiled ex-Alot of Years member known as Alotof-Hokum. Hokum has been both helpful and harmful to inter-dimensional travels so no comclusions have been drawn about him as of this printing of this article.

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