Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So Much Potential Horribleness, err Horror

I really need to work on some more Crawlspace. Folks that have known about the game are expressing disappointment that I don't do sessions with it, and folks that I haven't met before have told me that they have heard of the game.  Even the excuse that I can't go to far away conventions every weekend isn't buying it anymore. I've found brick and mortar hobby stores (FLAGS) that have late night open gaming as close as Monroe, Michigan, Our House Games being my likely favorite this Spring or Summer.

 It's not even people asking me about what's next. I keep making notes on this or that scenario to be played in the future, like "Flotsam" which was actually was playtested at BASHCon this year. And then there are my tried and true ones like "Horse's Head Run," "Bigger than a Bread Box,"  "The Creep," and "The Keys to Christmas Place" which all need to get published. That list doesn't include "The Horrible Fate of the Famous Haunted House Hunters," yes folks I've been rebelling against Sy-Fy's Ghost Hunters for ten years. Those stories are following the events of "The Book that Dripped Blood" (see Crawlspace Deluxe) but I get so busy typing up other stuff, they haven't yet been completed. Still I have a whole Clive Barker novel worth of RPG material that needs to come out.

Well, all those scenarios are going to fall into something called "Apogee." Along with these, this setting has notes for modern horror role-playing of mine since about 1999. At first it was for Call of Cthulhu, but then I felt a little constrained by that cabal. To help out with the overall quality and freshness, I plan on getting other authors to contribute their own Crawlspace articles or scenarios.

Mind you, the persons that I call upon might or might not be aware that I want to incorporate their talents into this project. Heck they might not even be willing to collaborate. So take this post as me being whimsical, not announcing news.

After knowing Charlie Flemming, AKA Charl, online for probably over a decade, Peryton and I finally met him last Friday at the Cinema Wasteland convention. It's kind of amazing that we haven't done so already. This event is his big event, which happens twice a year just outside of our fair city of Cleveland in Stongsville, Ohio. Well, we just never had the chance until now.

Jim Wynorski, Charlie Flemming, and Peter Spellos at Cinema Wasteland, April '15
Charl is the guy behind Rarr! I'm a Monster Publishing which puts out more works in a month than most small publishers put out in a year. We share a couple things in common, a love of T&T and bouts of insomnia. It was really good having dinner with him and his wife, who I'll leave unnamed. Now while it was great, Peryton especially loved a convention where she could sit back and watch weird movies, there was not enough time to get down to the business of collaborating on horror pieces.

Aspects of his Librarians of Doom will hopefully be notable influences on this work...

(more later)

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  1. Actually it's only been 3 years. Thanks for the props!