Thursday, April 23, 2015

The No News of D&D 5E

Since the much proclaimed release of D&D 5 E last year, I've noticed the energy has shifted from small press groups back to the bigger organs of game publishing. My Google+ feed is full of might-be projects set up by established manufacturers and a few dozen of copycats that want to emulate those houses' ideas.  I am actually disparaged at the number of bloggers that release bits and pieces from the 5E text as opposed to sharing their own creations from it. I suspect there is some paid advertising going on here.

Not that I mind, prepaid advertising if it keeps my Scrabble game at Pogo free is awesome. I can even deal with the dude wanting to pay a few bills and maybe get ahead by getting paid in advance for the game that he is about to make through a Kickstarter deal. I am not exactly looking for it when I read a person's "personal" blog though.

A note to the "old school" authors, what is up with your titles? "The Vast Vats of PHATT QW-QERRYTGNFK- Guff" sucks as a name doesn't it? Guess what. A silly name marks you as a person that isn't thinking about what you are typing in a field that can be called silly and juvenile already. If you're claiming to be "OSRIC," at least look at the original TSR dungeon scenario titles not the parodies for inspiration. If you're edgy, look at what David Hargrave wrote. He was probably better at selling an "old school" dungeon than most. The titles were interesting, not appealing to an audience hoping to be, one day, as large as the FacetuBe page for the illegal toxic waste dumping corporations of Scranton, New Jersey.

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