Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's Been a Crawlspace mid-Week

Since coming home on Sunday, I've been working on compiling all the notes I have for the Apogee scenarios and melding them into one work. Well, the outline, the abstract for the table of contents, has been wheedled down to four pages. There are some eleven works here, from four-twenty pages in length, and all are in need of rewriting. But looking at them, it's not to homogenize them. While most of the works stick to a tried and true format, which is akin to game scenario meeting a script but really neither of them, the exceptions of it work nicely getting the particular story going.

I think I have W.E.B. , Bricker, on board as the cover artist. It depends on whether he can get through figuring out what a "mushroom-headed eagle-crab" should look like. I am actually not worried about him. I've already had the problems where the artists just can't work my written descriptions. Bill is a couple levels higher than those. Just in case, though, I've offered to show of my personal sketches. Frankly I hope not to have to show him those. His own personal interpretations have always expanded upon my brief descriptions making the viewing, even for me, an amazing event.

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