Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wobble: the Wid, the Git, and the Big Ugly

Some of you reading this might remember my talking about the title of "the Wid" not too long ago. Well, I came back to my notes today during some quiet time during my shift today. At the same time, my partner started going on about a dream that he had the night before, which was really odd because the last time I mentioned "wids" it was because of a dream that I had. Now I don't talk about my dreams at work, funny because I don't mind mentioning them here or with FacetuBe friends, so this was really a strange moment. I looked down at my Kindle word processing program and thought, 'Definitely gearing towards Wobble.'

So the Wid, because of yet another dream from two nights ago, is definitely something of a druid stylish from D&D fashion. I was a young (inexperienced), skinny(scrawny) native of some area and somebody very ancient and very demigod-like was walking towards my forest. Before I could try to repel the intruder, I had to worry about gators, so I started throwing nearby rocks into the swampy water near my feet. They might've been crocodiles, I don't know, all I remember thinking is 'Gotta be smarter than the gators.' As long and lanky, and glowing, dude, was making his way through my foliage, I started releasing water from its uphill ponds to flow at him. The resulting flood didn't work out in the cinematic route that I expected, and I felt rather defeated. Still, I woke up laughing at the word "git."

In a bit, I fell back to sleep. I had a dream about being somewhere on the Danube watching TV with two stoner friends who were making life decisions based on a TV show. I became sleepy within the dream and woke up at 1536 (CET) that afternoon. I was supposed to be boarding a plane back to...(?) California(wha...?) at 1600 a handful of hundred of kilometers away in Frankfurt. Worse yet, my mother had bought the tickets for me, and I didn't know where I was in... Germany(?). I then realized that I was dreaming. I really woke up to see the clock reading 0701 (EST)-- I haven't needed an alarm clock for two decades.

It was while brushing my teeth, the Wobble title came to me. It's called "The Wid, the Git, and the Big Ugly" in case you hadn't already guessed. Something about an Waffen SS unit and a Kali death cult; a demigod and his horrible parent; and needing to get from Vienna to Santa Monica in a real hurry.

What until you get to play a Wid. You can dive through sand.

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