Saturday, July 25, 2015

Icons: The Atalntis Saga... so far

I should say "Part One." This campaign is going to take a little longer than I expected. This isn't that surprising or unwelcome to me, since I've been doing chatroom games for sometime (mid 90s). What is surprising is exactly how long things are taking and how good things are. I should be three quarters done, I am just about to the halfway point.

Part 1: Watershed

Cast of Characters (Players):
Nyx (Peryton)
Riptide (Hepcat)
Dojo Loach (Curtis, now Loach forever)
Theta (Wilde)
Summary: These four characters are brought into Lightfoot Bay, and its Hoody Islands, one-time Ohio devastated the Carmageddon of 2019, that devastated the shoreways along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario forming one larger lake Lake Mohawk. Theta is sent from Mu-Mu Island to investigate an evil magic known as Muckra. Nyx is hired by a Dr. Wrong to get a sample of muckra's mutative alga-like mass, escorted by two of his agents, Kilo and Nitro. Rip Tide is en route to Cuyahoga State University and its Department of Unusual Threats (the D-U-T) when distracted by Muckra's minions, the Muckrakers. Dojo Loach follows a lead to the island when clearing out Crawdaddies out of his criminal gang's, the Asian Carp, out of their Harbor District real estate.
They encounter the Muckrakers, while Muckra coyly taunts Theta. Kilo and
 Nitro seeing problems hightail it out of "the Hood." The heroes and anti-hero (Loach)defeat the slimy algae-heads. Muckra then goes silent.
GM Notes:
Dojo Loach really brought my criminal gang scene of Lightfoot Isle's Harbor District to life. His Dr. Fishmind NPC is proving to be very useful.
Theta, I keep picturing as a blue-skinned Starfire of George Perez fame. I can work with that, though Michael Golden is illustrating the work in my mind. Wilde is an awesome player that helps me out when I get a little distracted.

Part 2: Rogue Wave

Cast of Characters (Players):
Nyx (Peryton)
Dojo Loach (Loach)
Theta (Wilde)
Summary:  Rip Tide (played by the GM) having re-started his journey Beta City and CSU, the D.U.T., jumped in his aqua-armor into the water and was not present for this session.
Nyx, Dojo Loach, and Theta investigated the larger island that they had encountered the Muckrakers. Theta explained to the other two about Muckra. The algae-shaping intelligence made an appearance, and Nyx got her sample for Dr. Wrong. The three than separated to take care of their personal business, or just get a shower (Theta). Nyx was betrayed by Dr. Wrong after giving him his sample-- she was jumped by Nitro and Kilo and knocked out.
GM Notes: Peryton stated in her character creation that she was trying to live the life of a land-lubber away from her "mer" (a slang term for sea-dwellers) heritage. She is doing well avoiding getting into the water-- reminds me of my life-guard days. Nyx talked everyone into avoiding getting wet as well though. Had to keep things rather land-based.

Part 3: Getting Deeper

Cast of Characters (Players):
Diogenes-Man (Beckett)
The Terrific Trio (Nyx (Peryton), Dojo Loach (Loach), and Theta (Wilde)
Rip Tide (Hepcat) 
Summary: The tale started out with a flashback to the 3rd Century BCE, where a mariner assumed the name Diogenes to keep his real name from others and to piss of the more famous cynic from Sincope. In a misadventure gone wrong he was swallowed by a whale. In the whale, an unnamed man, couldn't be Jonah, marked his forehead and released strong inherent inside of him into a magus. Before the character could act with his new found powers, he was frozen and regurgitated from the leviathan. This chunk of ice has been floating the sees ever since.
Rip Tide, just minutes after bidding his new aquatic friends adieu back in the Hoody Islands, noticed on his invincible Hydro-Suit sensors that there was a temperature anomaly in the waters to the NE of Lightfoot Bay. Following the tracings, he discovered large-fish like bits of algae moving a large block of ice into one of the deeper parts of lake Mohawk.  It is here, where the "pirate of the seas's" armor noted an array of equipment of non-terrestrial origin, and kilotons of the Muckra algae. He watched as Diogenes-Man was thawed out of his icy nap, almost drowned, then turned into a Muckraker, but much different. Rip Tide tried to move in for a closer look, if nothing else, but was attacked by the machinery and the algae. His suit was severely damaged. After a dramatic escape he had to make his way towards shore.
Once ashore, the rogue hero of the waterways was able to catch a bus to an all-night department store and went straight to the electronics and hardware depart. Getting back on the bus he started to fix his suit. Most of the people riding the vehicle at 5:45am were more upset at the guy urinating in his seat instead of Rip Tide in his lake water-dripping suit.
At the University, around 8am, the early morning interns, let Rip Tide in, and quickly called Dr. Sweet, who would show up much earlier than his usual expected arrival. Just before the DUT director showed up, Professor Strack showed up. The Lisa Bonet, look alike, almost won his trust just not quite. When Sweet finally showed up, the three scholars (Rippington Tyde, Malcolm Sweet, and Olivia Strack) were able to piece together the alien energies of the non-terrestrial equipment that the aquatic man in synthetics faced earlier.  
Meanwhile Dojo Loach and Theta noticed that Nyx had not come to their planned brunch as per when they last spoke. Nyx, herself, was a little busy trying to escape out of an energy-dampening cage. The heroine and anti-hero went undercover to find their missing member. As Dr Wrong's street thugs were gone, there wasn't much in the warehouse where they were looking, except for a hum. Tearing down a door, the two supers encountered Kilo and Nitro watching daytime TV. A fight ensued, they had interrupted finding out if the baby was "his" or not. The two gave as good as they got, and Loach remained standing in the end. They then freed Nyx and all three decided to have lunch and stay undercover.
About 45 miles away and 130 meters underwater, Muckra had plans for Diogenes-Man. In a battle of psychic powers, the disembodied sentience never overcame the magus. It was wholly voluntary when the human allowed himself to be turned in The Dread Squid. And he was given a mission... .
Dr Rippington Tyde ran into Nyx, Theta, and Dojo Loach in their civilian mode just as he noticed the county sheriff vehicles and a SWAT team showing up. The pirate of the seas asked for diversion, Theta obliged easily with a quick summer squall. Rip Tide, fully armored up, was seen seen blasting into the sky from the courtyard of CSU, headed towards the beaches of Lake Mohawk...
GM Notes:
Dojo Loach, once again doing some decent street level action. I am going to play with that.
I think have a plan for Diogenes-Man. I get the allusions and know the classical meaning of cynicism, and I am a story-teller, Beckett. We can do this.
Nyx still doesn't want anyone getting close to water.
Rip Tide, is proving to be quite the Kirby-esque scientist.


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