Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wading Through _D_T&T, part 4

Up to page 226, through appendices into "Elaborations" per the phrasing of the book. The charts and further essays on things mentioned in the already padded essential(?) rules from earlier are listed, around a few campaign organizing factors. There is discussions on role-playing tips for  GMs and players. More on talents, the removed Types of warrior-wizrd and citizen, delving into the Specialist, languages, armor for horses, et al. Slightlly of interest is a debate on whether large amounts of dice should be used or not and how the concept of "the Wizards Guild" might be used. Most of this section functions as well as the appendix of a person's digestion; it can help with flow of things or it be the spot where a lot of stuff that should be moving on causes a lot of dire problems.

It is here the concept of "illkin" gets its due discussion. Once again, sounding like card game and it boiled down to charts. There is a treatise on Monsters! Monsters! tradition in T&T play. There is something of an alternate species listing for players that insist on being abnormal and playing a "monstrous kin." These being my favorite subjects of any RPG, I was happy to get to these topics. I still think, my take on T&T monster-kin is better. I also think my names of "Gar" for gargoyles and "Hufugger" for ogre/half-ogres might've influenced some Kharghish (Troll-Speak), which makes me dance a little. Still the framing is how real fantasy role-playing is about humans being the center of everything, and how balance should be a goal of the GM-- I have to wonder if Gary Gygax would be proud of this rather "humanocentric" view point is deeply instilled in the game that was not supposed to be based on his claimed creation.

 I am struck by the subtext of a debate between the 5th edition of the game and its 7th edition. I like the tone and familiar format, but for added value to my personal campaigns, I am not seeing it.

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