Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wading Through _D_T&T, part 5

The last part of the work, from page 226 until its end at 385, is promised to be about Trollworld. Starting off with the authors' views on how to build worlds, using any system I think, to how this or that T&T locale developed among themselves as they played the game. There is the well established "Trollworld Timeline." The continent of Ralph, err  Rr'lff, is highlighted. A chunk of color-plates thrown in with the artwork of Liz Danforth for various works. The rest of the known planet, like the Eagle and Unicorn continents, are outlined.  A couple of full-color NPC biographies follow. More color artwork by Danforth. Some sharp maps with strong 90 degree angles of well known T&T cities show up as well. A couple more full-color NPC biographies follow.  And then reader gets to get into the other parts of Trollworld that she might be wanting to take a look at.

Michael Stackpole jumps in to do a narrative of his city, Gul. As I always have a copy of City of Terrors nearby at my writing desk, I really enjoyed this. I am as much a fan of the Blue Beetle God as I am of Liz Danforth's pen and ink illustrations of most everything. After the 90-degree angles of the previous maps, I really, appreciated not getting a full view of the city that I have worked out in my mind already.

One thing really bugs me about this section though. It's called clip-art from public domain.

There is a section where adventures are posted. There is a solo of The Abyss by Paul Creelman. There is a trilogy of GM scenarios by Ken St Andre, Bear Peters, and Liz Danforth. I'll probably never read the solo in depth, but the GM adventure is going to get a serious reading for sure. It already reads nicely in the parts that I skimmed so far.

I think there are about 22,000 pages of acknowledgements. While I hope all the Kickstarter contributors are mollified, I think "Great and Mighty Thom" and "Tom Kopfy Loney" need to face off in a sword fight to the death by decapitation. There can be only one "Thom Kopf Laaki."


  1. I just want to let you know that in the color section, the three characters that have portraits and bios are characters created by Ken, Liz and Bear, so no one pledged to get on those pages. One of the characters is Lero'trah the ruler of Khazan, and is probably the most important person on Trollworld. She has been a part of Trollworl history going back to the very early 1980's
    Bjorn has been a character that Bear created and he has been referenced many times in past T&T publications.
    Gavina is a new character that Liz created while writing her city Knor and nobody paid to have a portrait there either.
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion about the rules etc - I'm just trying to set the record straight.

    1. Okay. I am totally wrong about the full picture section from out of no where being sponsored by blatant commercialism. It was an artistic choice. I will edit my snide comments. What are you going to do?

  2. Replies
    1. About poor artistic choices.

    2. Well again - that gets back to your opinion about things. Most people seem to love the way the book looks and the "artistic choices" that we made. Obviously you are not one of them. Maybe in the end, this game isn't for you. We tried to do the best we can - if it doesn't meet up to your expectations, I'm sorry. Personally I believe tdT&T is probably the greatest achievement that the game has made in terms of quality, organization, art and detail. But look, some people would still prefer to play 4th edition T&T or AD&D. Its a big world and there are lots of choices. use the game you enjoy the most - whatever it is.

    3. By most people you mean who?
      And please don't tell me which game to play. I look at things this way, I've paid you to doodle, somewhat ineptly, and it has made you happy for two plus years.
      The actual real results don't matter, you've already been paid.