Monday, July 27, 2015

Not quite across the river

Pery and I had dinner Saturday night with Sligo and his frau. They happened to be doing their Summer vacation thing around the Great Lakes and the final day happened to be in the C-L-E. I talked them, via text message, into going to Das Schnitzel House (es heist Das Schnitzel Haus). It was kind of busy, but, boy,  I loved seeing pounded pork being popular. I discovered that the folks running the place actually have items like "Jaeger Schnitzel" on the weekends-- You can ask Peryton, I've been fighting with them forever to include a bit of gravy of their veal (or breaded pork chops) since 'o6. I mean, man, I love rot kraut and and spetzel already, but gibts mir ein bischen Sosse. So while I know that real schnitzel is available on the weekends, I am not sure if I am up to the fist fight for getting a table. The joint was really hopping. I suppose that is why the Chef bothers with trivialities like gravy on the weekends.

So Sligo and I sent the the women-folk away. One claiming stomach cramps, while the other was just wholly unimpressed. Okay Sligo and I are uninteresting, I get that, thank you WOMEN. Then he and I got down to business. Final Exam, the only T&T "solo dungeon" (scenario) for Wizards, is going to be revised from its Shippy-beholden take using the latest 8th Edition rules at Peryton Publishing. Folks, I tried to warn him off, but he was insistent.

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