Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crawlspace Making the Nightmare Live

It's been a fairly slow weekend at work. This is kind of nice as I might be missing out of on soccer, but I've been able to go through and work on my notes for the "Whacko" campaign. I've been translating a lot of the CoC material that I have worked up since about o4 into the new Crawlspace format. The problem is that most of the rules bits are wrapped up in like 19, maybe 22, scenarios which I have ran in that length of time. I have plenty of graphics and handwritten notes, that have turned into half-pages of typed game convention, but bringing it all together is a bit of a challenge. At times, the TACK system is a bit too simple for many of the ideas that I have in this setting. Other times, It takes me a bit to wrap my head around what exactly it was that I was trying for with this or that tidbit.

The stories are warping and reworking themselves easily. Writing scenarios for Crawlspace is an especially easy format, which I mostly have to dress up to avoid being to sparse-- like LARP scenarios tend to be. A scribble from my notes gets jotted in and suddenly a ton of atmosphere like a spice thrown into a soup's simmer. The trick is not reveal the whole menu available in any one of the servings though. Keeping it decent horror role-playing, my theory is show the repeat players with a detail here and then lead them back in the shadows. I am hoping the difference from a tabletop game to that of a video games, or say movies with vampires or zombie in them, is one not falling into simple tracks.

Difficulties noted. the frame of the campaign is coming together, while system remains a little behind. Which isn't a bad thing as I know enough game designers that somebody is likely to throw in a suggestion. Even if somebody doesn't, I am sure I'll work my way through it.

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