Sunday, September 22, 2013

My 2nd Wobble Game Ever

I am as giddy as mouse in a cheese factory surrounded by dog kennels.

This last weekend I was play-testing my "Corporate Raiders" scenario for the upcoming Carnage on the Mountain. The scenario is ostensibly for getting characters to Robin's Qalidar: Resistance, which it does admirably, but it is filled with denizens and subplots from the Wobble Ship notes I have working one. It also has those special idiosyncrasies, often called "character motivations," for the pre-generated characters that I am known for. To be fair, Robin made up the quirky player-characters, all of whom I am totally going to keep now. But I came up with the "inner truth" which were played out in the first scene. The mixture of the two, along with Dr. Who-style special effects, made the session awesome for me.

Everyone played a 62 person who was on their last day of work before retiring. Not everyone was as ready to quit their working life as others, as is always the case, but it was upon them. Guess what, someone wasn't ready, very much so, for the transition, which added a bit of drama that I didn't plan for but it worked out really well. And then things got strange.

I was proud at seeing my Pyramid-heads, Robin's "Pyraman" (maybe "paramen"), be the tough thugs that I always wanted them to be. Really had a good time with the players as they slipped into their characters-- things got wild.

Since I've ran "The Wobble Machine" a few years back in o8, I've watched as two of the players have incorporated bits of the work and mesh them into their work. Now it is time for me to see where my bits take me.

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