Monday, September 9, 2013

To Clarify... sigh

TROTT is going to be a d6-driven system, and easily identifiable with the same matrix as what was used in T&T 7+ editions. Various conventions will be different enough to make it a separate game. This in case T&T Dooper ends up scrubbing all the parts that I like from the 7th and 8th (7.5) printings. This is mostly so I can write scenarios in a format that I have been doing Spacers(TM) the scenarios for Elder Tunnels magazine and New Khazan for a little over 9 years. The fantasy specific rules will be presented in a revision of my FRPG from 2oo7, RuinCrawl.

Note that I will be releasing my post apocalyptic setting, called Glow, and the 10 year revision of Spacers as officially typed up rules, before you can expect to see RuinCrawl: 7plus And Counting.


  1. thanks for the clarification...I am an active reader and I was lost...

    1. I often translate from the Kopfish for other people and even I didn't get that one.