Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spacer Types reworked.

I've been working a lot on the Spacers(TM) rewrite the last week or so. The stats are going to be: Mental, Physical, Speed, Luck, Charm, and Nerve. Here's a look at the character Types I've been working on.

    Born with a certain amount of brawn and a knack for being good in a less than peaceful situation, the Brawler is the best guy to invite to the fight.

Perk: Armor- Character gets double Armor rating for armor worn.

    The person who is always searching for something, and all the more adventurous for it.

Perk: Spaced-Gets to add (10 x level) points to any SR based on LK.

Min. Req. Mental 20

    Years of schooling, and working as a researcher in various fields make this person amazingly knowledgeable. And he isn't just an academic, well most of the time, that is. 

Perk: Gizmo- Character may create a gadget that will preform specific Skills for using the creator's Mental attribute...

Min. Req. Nerve 30
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so this sort lives in their own.

Perk: Next Sense- This perk gives the PC three potential advantages... The last is a "Psychic Nose", which let's a the Character know when he is encountering another Psychic, though not her works.

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