Monday, March 17, 2014

A Tale of Two Peakvales

I write about Peakvale as I am finishing up my third installment in my Kopfy's Swamp Of Doom series. "Candlelight In Murky Water" will be my final PDF installment for this campaign. There will be a printed collection of the different scenarios with a fourth installment but that is much later.

Not the goblin that I was thinking of,

Developed by Scott Malthouse back in late 2011. He developed the setting with a few scribbles as to locales and a mention of major NPC, and decided that "There's a severe lack of settings for T&T and I want Peakvale to be familiar but at the same time unique (whether it will be the latter remains to be seen)...In essence, Peakvale boils down to a satirical look at current British politics and attitudes."

Malthouse graciously allowed me to add to this setting despite my lack of British(ness). I wanted to contribute to the setting out of a lot of joy at having someone else develop a setting for T&T without trying to re-write the game. He also never expected my social commentary to be exclusively British. Despite some time in school in Uxbridge London, I am Yank with Kraut tendencies, not even a Breton in mindset. So I made fun of NIMBYism that I see in Germany and the USA. I then delved into my dislike of humidity and viscious flora and fauna by stepping into doom-filled swamps.

Matlhouse's two works have been very Gothic horror and will remind the reader of pulp fiction from the 30s and 40s as well as Hammer Films. The drama is based upon the back story of the NPCs involved and lead into how it effects the capital of the realm. Reading them I can't wait to play a delver in one of his games and meeting this schmuck named "Hobbletoe. "

While our works haven't come together, which I kind of hope that they won't, I think that the enterprise has been helpful for new GMs to T&T.  The math in pieces tends to be worked out, so the game's matrix can be managed by the game-master that doesn't like to fudge a roll here and there. The nice thing is, and I have said this before, is that we never discussed this amongst ourselves. The adventures all put together make a very intricate campaign, and it never gets rote.

As the Swamp of Doom, or KSOD as I like to call it,  is wrapping up,  I am waiting to see where Peakvale's creator goes with it before I go off on a tangent. I've already got the setting ready to be placed in my T&T world of Elder, and am using it as a stepping off point to highlight some places I've had in mind to show for a while now.

Still I am very happy with my travels through Peakvale.


  1. Always happy to write 'A Delver's Guide to Peakvale' with you, Tom :)

  2. You start the conversation on email, let's see where it heads. We could get about 30 pages at least before the graphics.