Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wobble Diary 1: Oops, hold on, wait a minute

The dice on the table are my toolbox.

"The Tinfoil Man" was a "sandbox adventure." The texture and tone of the events that would unfold were based upon three specific events that might occur during the course of play after the opening scene. Once an event occurred I would then work in a reaction, using a six-sided die and run things from there.

This last weekend, well yesterday actually, I ran a Wobble game for two of my five premier players ("Players", in game rule texts), Peryton and JerryTel. Now I've ran my premier Wobble adventure twice already, but this scenario was going to a much more experimental session. Months ago, after I started getting the hang of this Wobble stuff, after studying TV mixed genre shows, like Star Trek and Doctor Who, I sat back and looked at  my own very established "narrative" approach to role-playing sessions. This scenario was a little different. How can I put it, I was feeling minimalistic, experimental, and Dadaist at the same time.

What added to things that I decided to use ground level Characters. And while the plot get dropping into Character development, the plot kept both sides of the table-top invested. The players only found a couple of the bells and whistles, but the universe around them snowed them in. Even the next day, they were asking me questions.

Not a bad start on an "urban fantasy" adventure. That's my new phrase for TV style modern role-playing.

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