Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wobble: The Neighbors

The Negbho, "The Neighbors" Quick starting at 100
All of them have a +25 on Fix-It rolls when figuring out how to use new technologies because of formable body parts.
Description: From a planet where the density of the atmosphere is some four times greater, these creatures resemble very large garbage bags that are almost rectangular with a tube coming out of its top half. Most often they are encountered wearing pressure suits which makes them look even more like garbage bags than they normally would.
    The tubes seem to be the mouth and airway apparatus. The species can form appendages as needed out of their mass, which is why their pressure suits are so like thin plastic, though it is actually quite an advanced synthetic material, acting as armor as well.
The Scoop: In their dimension, a very large scale war waged during the years 1933-1941. It involved sixteen nations on four of the planet’s eight continents. The machines used though very alien to us in the Mu universes, were the equivalent of tanks, bombers, and whatnot. The aggressor nations, there were three of them, like our own Axis Powers, never lost control early seized territories leading to many more resources to bank their efforts. Towards 1940, two nations of the opposing sides tested their first atomic bombs. This led to dropping of sixteen bombs by both sides total before an armistice was arranged.
    Their world now has three superpowers: the West, the Aggressors, and the South.The West has a political structure that resembles that of USA, except that all but a few politicians have been in their military forces for many years before choosing civilian leadership. The Aggressors is very much like that of Italy and Germany before the end of WWII. Besides being fascists, they want to exterminate all pink-hued negbhors. The South is made up of a dozen or so countries that were neutral during the Atomic War, as it is called now. They resemble a United Nations with teeth and have waged small scale wars on both of “the Atomic nations” to earn their status as a superpower.
    As it happens, for a little over a decade the negbhor have been Wobbling. The West and the Aggressors are seeking technologies and allies that will give them advantages over their competition. The South for the most part strives to foil the other two, but essentially is doing the same thing as the other two.

Air- Lieutenant Colonel  Thoff Sassuk , Quick 225
MacGyver It (LK+15)
Notes: The highest-ranking field officer of the West's top secret Wobble-Gate program. Quite handsome for a bag of garbage.

Ammiraglio Dunkk Russeh, Quick 300
Acrobatics (SP+20)
Notes: The highest-ranking field officer of the Aggressors top secret Schwabbeln Korps. Known for his dramatic entrances and exits.

Captain Hopping Meddler, Quick 225
Quick Talk (CH+20)
Notes: The The highest-ranking field officer of the Souths top secret Multiple Universe Noninterference Oversight Agency. Has a really honest face for a garbage bag.

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