Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct 29: The Crawlspace Mystic

So your printer is acting up?
Believe it or not, the Crawlspace "mystic" does not have to have psychic abilities, or be a Whacko, Character Type. Call them what you will: mediums, psychic healers, houngans and mambos, witch doctors, demonoligists, Mojo dudes and gals, UFO hunters, et al; it all boils down to a serious belief in the supernatural. Many are privy to Ritual Magicks from the rule book and have a few of their own. They are the ones who live for the paranormal events that are
 going on around them.

The Character, whether star or supporting cast, regardless of Type, gets a special Perk, Nose For Hokum. This Perk allows a +1 to any Draw when detecting a possible hoax. The mystic is often the butt of the joke as often as the expert when it comes to supernatural encounters. It's really not their fault, it's session's author/GM. The joke isn't always a hoax, though, and the punchline can be fatal.

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