Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fat Shaming... er Summer Gaming

I won $35 on American Pharaoh and it is a beautiful day outside. The following picture has been accused of fat shaming, but for some reason I love it. Not just for the easy on the eye subject, but for how I feel this summer is going to be for my gaming life.

Shaming fat shaming supplement users? That'll work... right.
Now it hasn't been a long unfulfilled winter of no games to be had. Not at all.We've been doing game get-togethers both on-line and in person all winter. Peryton has actually been going stronger than I have. She's been running her Icon's Scrap Pile (a superhero group of ours since 2006 or such) campaign since last autumn. Playing in her campaign has pinged my creativity towards "niche" superhero settings, while I've kept fit doing Crawlspace sessions and even a T&T session.

I am excited about an upcoming on-line Icon's campaign that I will be doing over the summer. I mentioned the niche settings right, well this one is underwater. I call it "the Atlantis Saga." I need to come to terms with Aquaman. I am not sure why, but since December, the aquatic superhero in media has been vexing me. Issues of water crime (pollution, exploitation of resources, human issues) mix in the fantastic of Atlantis and all the Greek myths of water creatures and their clans. The four sessions I will be running, will help me get a grip on this runaway obsession.

My Aquaman character is named Torpedo. His outfit is green and orange though, unlike the first torpedo superhero, the Red Torpedo from Quality Comics.

I've been spending a lot of the downtime that I have at work, which isn't too much, writing out the nine sessions I will be running at GenCon this year. Perhaps this is where I feel disciplined. I mean it is like exercising, writing up all the drab notes to go around the few ideas that I hope friends and strangers will find at least interesting, if not sexy.

Then there is the Crawlspace Apogee writing and the release of Apocalypse in Your Hometown for JerryTel's Stay Alive. These are the daily dietary supplements to make sure that I fit into my rpg gamer swimsuit (IT's A SPEEDO!!!).

Are you beach ready? I sure am.

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