Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bad first

Bad news first.

A bad email day
Somehow my main business, as in gaming and writing, email (TomK@...) has lost fourteen folders, as well as everything in my address book. This is a setback  in the production for "Apocalypse in Your Hometown" as well a major cramp in some personal correspondence. I think it was the email server, but if you start receiving spam mail from that account please let me know. Not much else to say here, except that annoying interweb misfortune-laden emails will be coming from me soon.

The Red Bat question
As GenCon has opened the flood gates to event registration there has been a spike in Red Bat rules sales. I am talking about tens of dollars US in one day. This, I think, has led to an email (from 08Qrts@...) asking me (at my Laggy@... account) "What the F#@!% is Red Bat: Cthulhu man?" I assume he, or she (yeah right), is actually saying "What the fuck is Red Bat: Cthulhu? I just gave you fifty-six cents (US) and there isn't one mention of a starspawn let alone the big daddy crawdad in that mutherfukking product!!! I hate you and want to eat you're entrails! " Maybe I am being a little oversensitive here.

A lecture before an answer. If you're willing to swear at a perfect stranger please don't be afraid to spell out the word "fuck" when swearing at me. Still, Quarts(?), if I may be familiar, I am not sure that I like your tone, hence the public admonishment-- not sure if I want to correspond via email. "Red Bat: Cthulhu," "TAG Cthulhu," and any other phrase that I have filled into the "Edition" slot of my game events at GenCon is code. I would hope that it tells the GenCon goer that perhaps all the official CoC events are filled up, but there is a bit more Lovecraftian-themed horror to be found. This has worked for about four years now, and the payback in terms of quality of players has been awesome.

Heck, thinking about it, I may just do a "Red Bat: Cthulhu" now to make it official and all that. Of course I'll just give it up for free because of my distaste at the whole August Derleth and Disney trademark phenomena in our current age. Of course, the artist and the editor get paid because I like real copyright claims.

"Crawlspace is already a LARP"
I am actually paraphrasing here. My little sister, Caed (aka Mz Fenner), were having breakfast when we started talking about her beloved Zombie Walk, both as a coordinator and a contributor, at GenCon(s) over various years. Of course I started coming up with a per-spectacle spectacle which was basically a LARP, which I promised would be less than a page long. And the reason why I love her so much became evident.
"Crawlspace is already a LARP." she said, I think.
I paused for a breathe or two, then starting making notes from there. So five months before GenCon 2015, we were planning LARPS for GENCON 2016. I don't know the Zombie Walk crowd well, but I hope my Rat-Pack Vs Cthulhu friends will be amiable to me stage managing something called "Vegas Vs. Cthulhu," I could use their help. 


  1. Vegas vs. Cthulhu: The Horrors are in Your Mind, but the Cocktails are in Your Hand!

    1. It be awesome if the hotel bar wasn't too far away for the sake of realism.