Friday, May 8, 2015

The Atlantis Saga is Gearing Up

Last night we had a video chat session as a character-creation "coaching" session. This mostly meant that Peryton and I coached The Curtis and Wildman through the Icon rules, both sets, as needed. The session was supposed to last forty-five minutes, but we were having fun so it went on for about two hours. The highlight for me was the last fifteen minutes or so when I could work on the nearly completed Characters' back stories and where they would be starting in the upcoming tale.

Wildman is Theta, whom I am picturing as a Nereid version of Power Girl-meets-Wonder Woman but with green skin and red hair. She is a godling, estranged from her Oceanid family line, because of her love on the surface world. Her "normal" life she is Theta Tethys Okeanus, a professor-emeritus at Cuyahoga State University, where she makes most of her income managing the student book store. She is something of an elemental sorceress as well as endowed with elevated athleticism.

Apparently, Charlie doesn't agree with my picturing
 Dojo Loach, the Curtis's character, was born William Earnest Frist, in Memphis, TN. He studied martial arts and joined the semi-criminal gang known as the Asian Carp. Headed by the Goldfish, the Carp gang, is a mixture of emigrated Shanghai tong members and American-born malcontents. As the gang is striving to infiltrate the Great Lakes region, Loach was promoted as a member of the Security section of it and transferred to Beta City.  He has of late come under the mentoring of Dr. Fish Mind, who is one of the dissenters with the Asian Carps criminal mindset.

Of course, Peryton came up with her full character concept minutes after we shut down the video window. Her character is Nyx, who's secret identity is (Haven't decided yet.. that doesn't mean you get to). Like Theta, this sorceress is estranged from her own aquatic family, the Nereid. She was destined to be the sorceress supreme of her sisters' coven, but couldn't get over the title of "The Sea Hag" as well as the evil-nature of activities by it. She now makes her way on the surface world getting by with a little help from her friends, she makes so many all the time, and little illicit work here and there.
Nyx's fraternal twin Nyss
Ben Lathrop, the Librarian, was not there, but he posted his character sometime ago. Dr. Rippington Tyde, world renowned master of radical hydrodynamics. Unknown to almost the whole world he is the Rip Tide, the Robin Hood of the Seas. Using advanced science and his invincible Hydro-Suit, this man strives to protect the people of the world from ruthless exploitation of the oceans and various waterways. Often considered a pirate by shadowy powers that be, he has to keep most of his work quiet.

I think the suit is actually blue
If Eloy Lasanta decides to play, I am hoping the poor guy will play my character the Torpedo. I really hate having my PC as an NPC ran by me as the GM. In my mind, I have to not just unbiased but trying to kill my dude to not ruin some cosmic rule about GMs using their own characters as NPCs.

Now if only Beckett would give me a hint as to what he is brewing up.

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