Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wobble: Bits of Rho

This article is actually about the Rho Verse, not Pierre Rho the recurrent NPC in a couple Wobble game sessions. This universe is pretty well known among Wobblers because factions there have been Wobbling for about one hundred and seventy-five years, or so.

These dimensional travelers do not originate from Earth, instead seeming to have first began space-faring from a planet in the Sagittarius constellation. They are human as far as anybody can tell, and have amazing similarities to cultures of the Indian subcontinent on the Earth of Mu circa 1000BC-400AD.  Right around the time our world discovered the postage stamp and started fighting wars for opium trade routes, resident of the collection of worlds known as Greta Sansarum, or " ग्रेट संसारों " in its own language, has been exploring the verses.

These sixteen worlds, the Mahajanapada, are very technologically advanced, with faster-than-light travel between stars and short-range matter teleportation. Wobbling began as a side-effect of "teleportation" experiments gone awry. As far as anybody knows, these particular "Rhoesians," (for lack of a better term), are the most scientifically advanced beings outside of the Omega Verse, but that is despite their Wobbling efforts. For some reason, the Wobblers from these worlds just aren't doing very well at it.

The Earth in this Verse, is very similar to our own world during the 1940s, except that World War II has not broken out yet. That is because Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) have focused on areas not under treaty with France or the UK, nor attacked any American protected territories in the Pacific. This world has also started Wobbling, but around the same time as our world.

Nazi Germany has its Abwelt, whom is trying to contact the Uber-Worlds of the Omega Verse, which it learned about from some gabby Ubbans. The American corporation the Primrose Group, in San Francisco, California is also experimenting with Wobbling. Not surprisingly, this corporation started out as an archeological group doing research in India. For some reason the British Empire has no Wobble capabilities at this time.

This is the "Let's Kill Hitler!" universe for Wobble.


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