Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wobble: Fellowship of the Rings

Wobble Exploratory Report 15-178: In (one of the Verses), Earth has been moved to the Saturn subsystem because our solar system is actually a binary system. The second sun's name is Jupiter, so things are a lot warmer than compared to our own. Two Earth-to-orbital towers at the opposite sides of the the equator, are ran by different AI, T3lp3410n and 7au4e7ln. Both have bristling low orbit harbor business but the species of each are distinctly different going. T01k13n is the world's main AI, and very much its ruler.

A species known as the "0rk" seem to be genetic spicing of humans and frogs. They are often used as essentially slaves of the humans, and other intelligent species there. The AI 5au40n is currently festering a revolt among the feral 0rks.

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