Saturday, February 7, 2015

A World a Week: Ozgard

This was my leprechauns, goblins, and fairies campaign for T&T in 2003. Players could also play rabbits, rats, woodchucks, and various other small critters.

 The Whorl was a collection of old red-brick clumps formed into "builds" (essentially houses built into hillsides). King Peter ruled the north side of the metroplex with his Injun allies called Jewl. Pholux, a petty sun deity that resembled our planet's Elvis and James Brown, ruled the southern districts, collectively called Kluster. The islands in the center formed a Free City, known as Clover. While all three sides had their standing armies, leprechaun "Merchant Houses" acted as the glue for all the factions of this region.

In the more rustic townships of Oldnum, the Critters made their idyllic-minded homes. Peace-loving "Weelings," a collective term for leprechauns, goblins, fairies, rabbits, rats, woodchucks, otters, pigs, badgers, and whatnot, made their home there.

The Never-Never was a region of harsh extremes mostly suit for wild leprechauns and goblins. Nominally they all were all subjects of King Peter. Various local despots formed their own fiefdoms in the lands though, Lady Cold and One Tusk were a couple of better known. The Wolfpack never submitted to be spoken for by anyone except the biggest dog present, and was always hungry.

Wunder Home was the mountaintop city of the Eternals, descendants of an Atlantean colony an aeon before. The surrounding mountains were populated by the much less advanced, but equally powerful Clan of Suplymus (were-trolls). This region was known as Utopia.

Ships sailed through the Mists bringing all sorts of exotic things. There was some oriental folklore creatures in ships from the Farther Easts. More often than not these vessels brought in pirates and Altanteans.

The very urbanized lands of Stygia is where all the collective species called "the Soot" ruled. It was these super powerful beings that deposed Pholux, turning the skies from azure to smog-filled. The older leprechaun Merchant Houses still maintained companies in the cities of Nuxor and Delta. Lot's blues joints and blimps, more than a few aliens.

The Green was not for the casual adventurer. Here in these deepest of wildernesses, the plants and the soil were always hungry. Predatory animals had their own humanoid "were-forms" to interact with the outside world on occasion. More often the not, the "halflings" just wanted to eat the company. Elves hunted anything meaty, including Speaking Peoples, for nourishment while trying to avoid being eaten themselves. Squirrels and monkeys fared a bit better, but could never build cities because sooner or later, Woman Walking Jungle or a few of her thousands of gigantic children would trod over them.


  1. I love the post and this setting is totally cool

    1. Thank you. It may very well become a published setting as well between this year and the next. I keep making notes.