Monday, February 9, 2015

Wobble: Payphones, Part 3

Still working on a plot. There was the one movie where the guy gets stuck at a payphone with a sniper, then turns the flick into something akin to slow torture. And then there is the one where someone picks up a phone, hears something and becomes a psycho-killer or cannibal or some such. A little bit of zombie goes a long way. If nothing else comes up, maybe. There the ones where psychics'/ghosts' minds can travel over the phone lines as well... okay, I am liking that last one. But... .

A group of alien Wobblers that can travel over phone lines, are running around an area. They cannot travel on electrical lines because the voltage is too high and would harm, maybe even kill, them. Why do the player-characters care? Because the entities are harming folks around them... and they're looking for something important to our heroes.

Okay good kernel there. Now to get the specifics down. The word "Quck" has been in my head of late...

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