Thursday, February 19, 2015

A World a Week: an Ozgard critter listing.

Thought I'd type up some of my handwritten notes from the Ozgard campaign. I was exploring random-encounter adventures, with fixed plot points while players were in specific regions. I called it my Tunnel Hack (TunnelHack!) matrix. I suppose it was kind of similar to what others were calling "sand-boxing."

Encounters for Gloom Wood:
(Red, White Die): (encounter)
1,1: Aunty Ant and her Ant-men,
2,1: Bears
3,1: Alfin (savage elves)
4,1: Dyrads (alfin-brides),
5,1: Echos (incorporeal ancient elves),
6, 1: Frog-kin
1,2: Grubbies (Sentient and magic-wielding grubs)
2,2: The Hobgoblin (magical monster NPC)
3,2: Forest Imps
4,2: Beetlers
5,2: Jinx Minks
6,2: Wombats
1,3: Gobbler Clan (goblins)
2,3: Tree-folk (kind of ents but cool)
3,3: Dragon-fly sprites
4,3: Snow Tigers
5,3: Mokko (were-moose)
6,3: Badger-kin
1,4: The Occasional Yak (magical monster NPC)
2,4: Mushroom-kin (knee-high)
3,4: Opossum
4,4: Cold Kangaroos
5,4: Paleolithic Wolverine (deadliest encounter here)
6,4: Woodchuck-kin
1,5: Reindeer
2,5: Goose-kin
3,5: Otter-kin
4,5: Bluelings (smurfs, they say "Blue" instead of smurf)
5,5: Tuskers (boar-faced humanoids)
6,5: Moose
1,6: Zinger the Wizard (NPC)
2,6: Wolves
3,6: Reeks (antlered saquatch)
4,6: Jinx Lynx
5,6: Duck Dancers (Leprechaun clan)
6,6: Woolly Platypuses

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