Friday, February 13, 2015

Wobble: Payphones (the yarn's beginning)

Reader Discretion Advised: The following write-up is for GMs only. That means the intelligent, cool, and mature people of the hobby. If you're not a GM, you will turn into saltines before you've finished reading the article... Okay I am just kidding. Even if you plan on playing in my Wobble sessions, I this outline is one of four differing plots. I do ask that if we're role-playing together one day and I mention the name "Payphones" that you let me know if you've read this one.

Check out what happens next!
The player-characters, Characters, will find themselves at a public train station. This terminal is beneath a tall building in the downtown district of an urban area nearest the player's and GM's present location for the sake of familiarity, I use Cleveland myself. The building has a shopping mall with various outlets on the floors above the rail lines. The adjoining structures to the terminal towers are high end hotels, office buildings, and even a classy casino. Why the Characters are here is up to the GM, I, myself, will have them investigating ghost sightings.

As the characters move to an area where there is a batch of payphones, one will start ringing. If none of the Characters move to answer it already, all will have to make a SR at 40 on MENTAL not to reach over automatically to answer it. Even if everyone makes their rolls, the one with the lowest LUCK stat will pick it up.

ZAZAP! The Character picking up the phone will receive a blast of energy, taking a point of damage, SR 15 on PHYSICAL not to drop the phone and be knocked backwards. From the receiver everyone within fifty feet of the phone will hear,
"Professor Flystop is dead!"

(10 X.P. to the player that thinks to say something to the effect of, "Who the hell uses a payphone anymore?" at anytime during this scene)

The Characters all know the Wobbling theorist Professor A.W. Flystop. This person has been working in the field of trans-dimensional travel for the last decade with the Society of Extra-Weird Events Research (SEWER). Besides being brilliant and rather theatrical when doing presentations to his colleagues, Flystop has been known to do some Wobbling as well as just studying the phenomena. 

Checking In on the Professor:
Flystop's office lines and personal cell-phone will be busy, one might say unusually so. The Characters won't be able to reach him, so going to check on him face-to-face will be the only way. He works out of the Old Eastside Observatory atop Millionaire's Hill. The Characters will know that Eastside and Millionaire's Hill are on the rundown part of town, Flystop grew up in the area and refused to move away. The Observatory was once an actual astronomical telescope, around the 1890s, but as the city grew up around it, it became more of novelty mansion than anything else. Since Flystop's reinvestment it's been a well-maintain research facility for the SEWER franchise.

Before the Characters leave the terminal tower building, the one that answered the payphone will have to make a SR at 30 on PHYSICAL. If he fails, he'll grimace in pain and gain d3 points of PHYSICAL, and lose 1 point of MENTAL. The clothes he is wearing will start to pull at the seams and everyone will notice just from the stretching sound.  

Second Bit
Third Crunch
Delivery Four

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