Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wobble: Cats from... Saturn(?), Kernel #1

The other night our cat Tio, short for Theodoric, was lying between Peryton and her laptop. Because of the winter's dry air in the house, whenever she petted him, a charge of static electricity would move into the processor and the machine would think an obscure key had been hit. A little "ping" would fill our den, and have both of us looking around wondering what was going on, since we both working on our computers at that time. When we figured out what it was, we were able to recreate the occurrence a couple times, so we didn't have to call Ghost Busters or some such.

A little later Peryton started talking about Shroedinger's Cat, while I,  looking for a song by the Loving Spoonful, accidentally pulled up a video of some guy in Sweden who had built a "box" for the same thought experiment. Let's hope the Swede keeps it a thought experiment, because the real result is, the longer in the box, the more certainty that the cat is dead, period.

A little later, I was reading a blog where the author hated how the Lovecraftian Dreamalnds were being used. He even slipped in the Cats from Saturn.


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