Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wobble: Payphones (Closing)

That's A Wrap:
Any surviving the session get 900 X.P. plus 75 X.P. for each big laugh that the group had from their antics or quips during the sit down. Depending on what has occurred in the last scenes, the Characters can be in various states. The honorary member of SEWER will be offered the directorship of the Observatory, if it is still there, for resolving this yarn's dilemma.

If the action stopped abruptly with the apprehension of Profession Flystop, someone could research into Flystops logs with a SR 25 on MENTAL, to learn:
o... Flystop had been researching into the universe labeled "Omicron" by explorers from the Apex in Omega Verse. It is often referred to as "Hell" or the "Infernal Cosmos" by many other Wobblers.
o... In his personal notes, he writes of contact with a being identifying itself as Alphonus. The entity could very well be the saint of the same name. He claims to be trapped in the realm and requires assistance. Flystop feels that he should endeavor to assist the being, as he is sure that his own means of controlling aliens is more than likely capable of containing any threat.
o... Flystop decided not to share his experimentation with SEWER as he was tired of their interference with his research over the past decade.

Characters in other Verses, will find their Wobbling ability depleted for 4d6 hours, and must survive until they can start Wobbling hopefully back home.

Cohorts of the Castaway Characters, should hopefully want to start trying to find their missing colleagues.

(Copyright Feb 2015, Tom K Loney. SEWA and SEWER copyright 2009 Michael Larsen and used with permission.)

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