Friday, February 13, 2015

Wobble: Payphones (third crunch)

Things Get Heated Up:
Professor Flystop will tell the Characters that he figures that whatever entity is causing the payphone attacks has figured out that it is being observed by him and is planning on attacking the Observatory. What happens next should vary from player group to player group. Here are a couple situations that could be encountered. The GM will have to adjust as he sees fit.

If the Characters, or a couple of them,  rush out to confront the individual from the train station, it will only take a SR 15 on LUCK for one of them to spot that person before stumbling upon him, or her. It will appear as though the stricken person is indeed making his way to Flystop's labs. When he gets closer, he will look up at the Wobblers.
The Character that picked up the payphone receiver from earlier will have to make an SR 30 on PHYSICAL not to have that stat increase by another D3 and lose another point of MENTAL. The size increase will start the clothes he is wearing to actually start to rip at the seems.
Attempts to communicate  with the stricken will boil down to him screaming in a near rage things like,
"NOT ONE!!! QUCK!!!"
Once the man has started yelling he will not stop. If not hindered he will keep walking up the hill.
As this scene is occurring on a public street just a little past lunch time, there is a SR 20 on LUCK that local police will notice the confrontation. Depending on what exactly going on, they will want to at least apprehend the stricken man who is yelling. If there is any sort physical altercation the police will want to apprehend all of the participants as well.
Whoever is the first to make a move to hinder the stricken person, he will prove to rather quick despite his loping walk moments before. It will take a SR 40 on PHYSICAL not to be judo flipped over his shoulder, and suffering d3 damage points. If someone starts to shoot a gun, or say use a taser, after the first shot, everyone within line of sight, must make SR 20 on their PHYSICAL stat not to be hit bit bits of "black air" that shoot forth from the person's fingertips, and taking d6 damage.

Quck #1, Quick 120
AIM 60

If Characters decide to stay and guard Professor Flystop, he will become agitated with them and urge them to go out and stop "the thing" (the person stricken at the train station). If his urgings come to no avail, he will tell the group that they can watch the exterior of the Observatory from the security monitors at the receptionists desk. He will state that he is working on something to send "the invaders back to where they came from." and must be left alone to complete his work. 
Anybody heading down to reception desk will indeed find six views from cameras posted at the mansion's four corners and two more over the front driveway and backyard. That Character(s) will also have access to the buildings security database PC. If a player doesn't think of it, with an SR 20 on LUCK a Character will screw up a Minesweeper game by hitting the "Control" key and opening up the system's security access dashboard. From this screen the Characters can do a bit of research, with a SR 20 on MENTAL, the following can be found out:
o... Some six people came through the front door on Wednesday AM, between 7:30am until 9:16am.
o... One went out the side door at 10:14am and came back in at 10:23am. Video footage will show a woman carrying out a mug of coffee and smoking a cigarette during that time.
o... No other exterior doors were opened until the Characters arrived.
o... There have been no less than 32 attempts by someone trying to get into Professor Flystop's quarters and libraries since 4:14pm Wednesday. Access denied due to bad retina scan and invalid codes at door, acceptable ID card though.
After about forty minutes, the person from the train station will arrive at main gate, and remain standing there staring at the front entrance camera. At this time, the Character who picked up the payphone in the Opening will have to make a SR 30 on PHYSICAL or gain d3 more PHYSICAL points while losing a MENTAL point. This time the Character's clothes will start to rip because of the growing muscles.

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