Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strange Kin #2

The Piltdowner
ST x2, CN x2, DX x2, IN x1/4, LK x1/2, CH x1/2, WZ x1, SP x1 1/4, Hgt x1/4, Wgt x1/2

Continuing with the Ogrish folk funning around the place, I introduce one of the trouble makers from my Athebes campaign. These ogre-cousins resemble a hobb or a leprechaun in height, though their fang mouths and sloping brow are a dead give away. Very similar to the Og in appearance and manner, but only one has ever become a Wizard in known history. And that guy was an avatar of the Kabald God.


  1. I wanna hear more background on this avatar piltdowner!

    1. Well your wish is my command. I will find my notes and come up with a write-up, CHet.