Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strange Kin

While The Troll Hammer has it's Creature Feature and T& has its "exploration" articles on rules and settings, I thought that I'd come up with something that I like to post about and get some regular posts for a couple to three weeks. Well I like Kindred and Settings. My views have been increasing, which has made this blogging thing kind of like a game for so I thought I'd play with it for a bit. I will try to post something almost everyday and see how the numbers are effected and compare it sales of my PeryPub products released during this time.

Strange Kin #1

If you've been following along with me for a while you might've seen a note on how I handled ogres, here. Now if you haven't, here's the essence of it.

" (At) one time (these species were) regular individuals of any bipedal kindred that for some reason thought that the flesh of their own kindred was tasty, and gained some magical perks in the process. It's a win-win situation overall in their minds. Ogres aren't even always giant-sized at all. What one needs to look for is some sort of unnatural trait or deformity. The most common trait is height, and spiked teeth would probably be the second. But there is more..."

So what are going to be taking a look at here are the Ogrish Kindred, at least in my book, and how a couple of them should be classified.

The Og (Og-Men and She-Og)
ST x2, CN x2, DX x1, IN x3/4, LK x1/2, CH x1/2, WZ x1
About a head shorter than the average adult human, though as strong and as hardy as a dwarf. Because of an inability to speak, they use grunts and hand signals as a full blown language. Most are unskilled hunters and primitive herders, Citizens without Talents. The promising males are pretty much just Warriors; while the intelligent females often research magic and become Wiz
ards. Groups of She-Og will join together in 'Witchsongs" to cast spells at the same time, this ritual increases any spell's effect by 10% for each singer.

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