Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strange Kin #6

Still hanging out in the post-apocalyptic world. 

The Dog-face
ST x11/2, CN x2, DX x1, IN x3/4, LK x1 1/2*, CH x1, WZ x1/2, SP x2, Hgt x3/4, Wgt x1

The canine humanoid is common as humans in the wasted cityscapes of the world. Many are wild bands of hunters, others still work for, if not along side, their former masters. Their keen smell and ultra-sonic hearing grants them bonuses from ambushes.


  1. Like the dog-face too. Reminds me of Dalgoda. CON or SPD s/b ×1. Just a little too many bonuses for my tastes for man's best friend not to be man's best master.

    Great picture.

    BTW, what is the * by LK for?

  2. * indicates a bonus on ambush sense because of smell and hearing.

    I don't think an IQ at 3/4 of the average human is overly advantaged.

    Picture is from a later DC Comic Kamandi release, I think... .