Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strange Kin #4.1

First things first, and thanks Paul Ingrassia for the reminder. My apes are as evolved as humans or elves, maybe in a slightly different direction, let's see where the write-ups take us, but they are not cavemen (neanderthals). Not sure why I feel this is important except that I spent hours in 2004-2006 developing the Ape nations in or around the jungles of Djung. I spent hours turning the Planet of the Apes' Ape City into Appo-Along-the-Mirky, to say the least.

The Chimp
ST x1, CN x1, DX x1, SP x2, IN x1, LK* x11/2, CH x1, WZ x1

Often called simply "Ape," the kindred's more common nickname is used here to provide clarity between them and other Ape kin. About as tall as an adult human or elf, not very physically different statistic wise, except for Speed and Luck.
The chimp is not a chimpanzee; the chimp, like the human is a cousin of them. Having developed speaking, missile weapons and mineral alteration, the greater strength of the primates is not a factor for them.

SP applies to their innate love of climbing. As humans and human-like kindred like to build their domiciles to resemble the cave where they came from, chimps like heights. And because of slightly longer arms, when they need to sprint they can break into a lope with all four extremities, combining shoulder and both leg strength.

The LK is to express their slightly better than normal sense of smell, unless they often smelt metals and other more odoriferous works, as happens a lot in cities, where a lot of apes live.

They can be Wizards. Warriors, Rogues and whatever else any other Kin can be during a campaign.


  1. ST should be x2 or x3 (or x5 if you believe the Internet).

    Real world chimps are scary strong.

    1. Yeah I know about chimp strength. These are cinematic "Chimp" humanoids, not chimpanzees. Following a Kin math model of mine: Giant-Human-Hobb/Hobgoblin-Ork-Goblin/Ogre-Og-Piltdowner. Just starting in the middle.

      I should explain that Saroe, thanks for the pointer.

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  3. Cornelius seems the perfect fit for your attribute stats.