Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strange Kin #5 follow up, err 5.1... err ...?

I have Brian Penn, to thank for this one. In a reply to my Clam-head post he said,  "...For my style of T&T gaming, I would further mutate clam-heads and take away "humanoid" from their description. The shells would have fluted opening from which pseudopods extend to manipulate their surroundings. Imagine when a clam-head opens up its shell to more closely examine a rare find or "open-up" among trusted friends."

Well I certainly cannot get over my cute little humanoid Clam-heads, they were too integral part of "bi-pedal-centric," to use a angle on Gygax-speak, Glow* campaign. But now they have cousins.

The Deep One (Clammoid)
ST x2, CN x4, DX x1/2, SP x1/4, IN x1, LK x1, CH x1, WZ x1, Hgt x1/3, Wgt x3

Resembling regular giant clams, which are a part of the fauna of the Tidal Lands, Deep Ones hide their pseudopods to mask their mobility. They are sentient and form communities for mutual-protection. They have the same ability to shed the Crud as their cousins.

They trade with and have an affinity towards the Clam-heads, whom they view like the favorite sons in their mollusk family. The Clam-heads for their part refer to them as "Deep Ones" or "the Wise," because of their knowledge of the deeper waters of the post-apocalyptic seas of the world.

This Kin can be any Type they choose. Most prefer to be Warriors because it augments their natural 3d armor (remember TARO).

*"Glow World" isn't exactly my Glow campaign, but both are derived from my same set of notes. Besides I needed a bell or whistle to liven up the article.


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  2. (listen to the song toward the end!)

    "Imagine being on one of them boats coming over to discover America, like Columbus or something, standing there at night on watch, everyone else is either drunk or asleep... You hear the waves lapping against the side of the ship. The moon is going behind the clouds. You hear the pitter patter of little footprints on deck. IS THAT YOU KIDS? IT AIN'T. MY GOD. IT'S THIS HUMUNGUS GIANT CLAM!

    Imagine those little feet coming on deck. A clam twice the size of the ship. Feet first. You're standing there shivering with fear, you grab one of these...belaying pin(s).... I mean, you'd grab this out of the hole, run on over there, BAM BAM on them little feet! back into the ocean would go a hurt, but not defeated, humungus giant clam.

    Ready to strike again when opportunity was better."

    - Arlo Guthrie

    1. "...Boy if you don't think that this struck fear into the hearts of men..." and me.

  3. Well there you go!! A dwarf-bunch stronger and a ton slower than I expected, but very cool. I'll just have to look toward clam-heads when I envision clams sliding along the muddy banks on their shells. ;D

    I imagine clammoid battles against ships resembles giant barnacles drilling a lot of holes in hulls.

    Do the clam-heads have natural armor too?

    1. And what would the Penn Clammoids be like? We'll put them around the island of Philadelphia.

      Yes clam-heads do have natural armor. 2d3 (DARO applies). I'll edit that post later.

    2. I did not think about the effects on STR. Makes sense from having to lug around the natural heavy body armor.

      I really enjoyed clam-oids having ×2 SPD in muddy environments. That alternative SPD inspired my initial comments.

      For great clams, perhaps a similar SPD boost? i.e. ×1 SPD in deep water or tidal environments. They suck in water and propel it out through their fluted openings.

      BTW, I expect great clams would have something akin to active sonar/Glorantha darksight instead of normal light senitive eyes. Their enhanced sense of touch allows them to learn to read dry-landers' script by feeling ink inscriptions. Their own water proof writing is more touch and sonar friendly.

      And with that STR/CON pair must come an ability to move about freely in both water and air. Great clams breathe just fine in many challenging environments.

      My next set of characters are going to be a strange bunch. :)

    3. Want to help me out with a semi-submersible campaign setting for publication sometime around early 2014?

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