Friday, April 20, 2012

Strange Kin #4.2

The Rilla 
ST x(2d2), CN x(2d3), DX x1, SP x(2d2), IN x3/4, LK* x11/2, CH x1, WZ x1, Hgt x2, Wgt x3

Note that what one considers a rilla often calls itself an ape, while calling bigger ape individuals "Rilla" and any smaller apes "Chimps" or "Monkeys." They are definitely taller than an adult human and tend to be amazingly diverse in their physical abilities within their own Kindred. It is commonly saif that this is because the Great Ape, the supreme, and sometimes the only, Ape God blesses certain individuals for staying true to the ways of "Apality" (being a true ape). Whatever in the world that means is up to whoever is peddling it.

Many human-like Kin view the rilla as something akin to a wood giant: in truth things aren't so simple. Rillas are believed to be a bit more feral than chimps, but the same percentage of them live in civilized settlements as chimps, even more than monkeys. They are definitely a bit more in touch with the baser side of themselves than most apes. Emotions and violence are a part of their daily life, and most have few ambitions beyond being a strong arm for a leader that they respect. But not all; intellectuals come from established rilla families, usually becoming generals or warlords in the societies around them.

Rillas can be any Type that suits them, but mostly like to be Warri


  1. Pretty sweet. I love the idea. Back in the day, I ran and "Aftermath!" PotA game. Loads of fun.

    1. Thanks Anthony. Nice miniature there. Definitely what I am going for with the Rilla for sure.