Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strange Kin #4.3

The Monkey
ST x3/4, CN x1, DX x1, SP x3, IN x1, LK x2, CH x1, WZ x1, Hgt x1/3, Wgt x1/3
The Ape Kindred may resemble any ape or monkey species but endowed with speaking ability. They generally take the role that the hobb does in human cultures, or the piltdowner in ogrish society.

In Appo and surrounding areas the monkeys have their own special deity known as Monkey,  also called "the Monkey God" and "the First of Monkeys," and get more than a little amusement at The Great Ape cult and its followers.

They can be any Type that is allowed in a campaign setting. They are particularly adept at being cat burglars whatever their Type is. 

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