Monday, April 16, 2012

Strange Kin #3

Day 3


ST x2, CN x3, DX x1/2, IN x3/4, LK x2, CH x1/4, WZ x1/4, SP x1 1/4, Hgt x3/2, Wgt x3/2

These aren't your red-skinned pig-faced orks from The Keep on the Borderlands. Nor are they any relatives of Miss Piggy or Porky Pig... hold on, I can't rule that out just yet. The boar-faced humanoids while sentient and capable of being a Speaking People when they want, have a wild, sometimes feral nature to them that makes them more comfortable in the wildernesses of the world.

Like their boar cousins, they have a keen sense of smell and when they're paying attention to things very good hearing, hence the higher than usual Luck. Like the tribes of Mann*, elves, ratlings and dwarves they are everywhere all over the face of the planet; not in the more developed ares, but still everywhere. They character from peaceful to brutish depends on the region that they are in.

The tend towards Warrior and Rogues Types, and refer to anyone who can cast spells as "Shamans."


  1. Slow dowwwwwwwn! You're releasing these things too quickly for us to study! Besides, I now have a craving for pork steak!

  2. Does everyone own a copy of 'Keep on the Borderlands'? If Kopfy does, than this may be a fact.

    1. Robin has a copy. So technically I don't own one.

  3. Shades of RuneQuest's Tusk Riders! (This is a good thing...)