Monday, April 23, 2012

Strange Kin #5

Every now and then I get to run a post-apocalyptic setting of mine using TAG rules, which are basically my heavily house-ruled T&T. Now while most After-the-Nuclear-Holocaust gamers are all about mixing and matching various parts from different species onto a single character, I liked coming up with distinctive Kin. I figured I'd delve into some of the more memorable Kindred. I have to admit, I always was a Kamandi fan.

The Clam-head
ST x1/2, CN x3, DX x1, SP x2*, IN x1, LK x1, CH x1, WZ x1, Hgt x1/3, Wgt x1/3

These knee-high humanoids live along the riverbanks of both the sludge-streams as well as any remaining fresh water sloughs. Like the Froglins, they are amphibious. Unlike the other they can tolerate high levels of the Crud. For every three days Clam-heads spend heavily contaminated areas, they spend one days to shed their outermost shell layers, and calcified outer skin. Their movement advantage is in muddy areas, when on ground or fully underwater, their SP is only x1.

Clam-head society has kept the Tidal Lands somewhat settled with outposts of civilization. And because they are rather hard to eat, even the Maku-Maku will often trade with them before trying to eat them.


  1. Clam-heads are awesome! Funky, strange, ecologically thought out (very rare).

    As humanoids, I think of Magics Clambassidors. Funny imagery :D

    For my style of T&T gaming, I would further mutate clam-heads and take away "humanoid" from their description. The shells would have fluted opening from which pseudopods extend to manipulate their surroundings. Imagine when a clam-head opens up its shell to more closely examine a rare find or "open-up" among trusted friends.

    1. While I can't give up my cute little clam-headed humanoids, sounds like we have a racial variation coming up.

      Thanks for the help.