Sunday, December 29, 2013

Somehow, in my mind, the year ends around November 3rd for me, and the New Year's celebrations are just a an excuse to party in the middle of winter. But other people, creatives and expressives alike, that I know, are posting their plans; so I thought I'd do the obligatory "New Year's Eve" 2014 To Do List.

o...There's potentially a great Elvismas coming. The stars are lining up just right, when in doubt default to Indianapolis.
o... Release the post-apocalypse RPG Glow.
o... Re-release Crawlspace 13, the deluxe edition.

o... Release the re-release of Spacers.
o... Release Stay Alive's "Apocalypse In Your Hometown" scenarios.
o... Finish "Kopfy's Swamp of Doom" saga, it's more than just four episodes of resolve, set in Scott Malthouse's Peakvale setting.
o... Have a Hoot or two, maybe even discover Rhode Island.

o... Attend Salty Bay Con, Tampa's premier gaming convention.
o... Spaghetti and Powder Punk keep telling me that they want released.

o... Have about six Crawlspace scenariosup by then.
o... Have about four Wobble Scenarios up by then.
o... Have lost about 15 pounds.

September through January
o... Release a collection of Gothic scenarios for Halloween.
o... Figure out a way to attend closer gatherings and attend East Coast conventions.
o... Have lost about 100 pounds.

Besides the To-Do list there is more going on here. Throughout the year, I intend on working on my fiction writing and expanding the groups of fantasists that I work with on top of Adventure Gaming. I want to impress Mari Volmar in 2014.

  Let's see how things work out.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Gonzo Is Coming

We need more artists with axes and writers with guns in this world.