Friday, February 14, 2020

Would You Do the Roo?

Whole lotta gotta
Happy Saint Valentines Day all. Ah the early Christian saint that knew how crack a skull when some heretic came along doubting his vision of holiness and now CHOCOLATES coupled with not-spontaneous sexual advances.

So it's BASHCON weekend but instead of sweating last minute details on whatever I am going to run, I am doing household chores. My submitted event, a Star Track one, kept getting emails from the event organizers asking questions about details that I already filled out in the event submission form. After the second question, I looked at my submission notes, saw the answer there, and decided not play along with whom-ever's problems. Nope, just going to get into JerryTel's "Red Brick Gothic" tale tonight. If anyone wants to play "the Trouble in Tellarite Territory" (Star Trek universe set between the Original Series and the Motion Picture) look me up on Sat Am around 9:30am. We'll space game up until noon, when I have get to our gang's Wendy's: Feast of Legends session. Then Pery is running a Gangbusters scenario after dinner Saturday night. Gunk food and junk thunk all weekend folks.

So checking the Outrage Brigade bulletin board, I see I am remiss in paying attention to Bob Bledslaw's Jew and Black ppl-hating posts. That is unlike all the good gamers of the fictitious Community that speaks and thinks for everybody. Now I should not comment on RPG Drive Thru's arbitrary ban on all of Judges Guild products, because you know it's their business; really, their literal registered business. I can though look askew at the chorus of others that joined into the chorus of condemning both the man and the brand for his personal statements. I'll just say it again, I love free speech so much that statements like "... I foster an inclusive environment, believe in free speech, and champion gaming with all other gamers over political litmus tests, this is a step too far. Bob's statements weren't another political view. They were the kind of statements that show extreme ignorance at best and promulgation of evil at worst..." are as bad in its insidious double-speak as Bedsore's blatant racism on FacetuBe.

On the other side of the Outrage-o-meter, you guys are going to love my World of the Week submission next week. Blingland: Roman-African Colony One, CAMELOT, Britain 600AD. See you then.

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